His Working Volunteers came into being in late 2011 through the efforts of Ted Anspaugh, Bernie Boyle, Emmett Fleming, Larry Glowacki and Jack Thennes. The group now consists of 25 volunteers. The volunteers have one other thing in common, they all have a desire to help those in need, similar to Mother Teresa who worked for the poorest of the poor. His Working Volunteers also strive to work for the neediest of the needy.

Although the group still is its formative stage, members have adopted the following mission statement:

“His Working Volunteers is an organization committed to the use of personal time, labor and financial support to provide or improve shelter for people in need. This is accomplished in a spirit of respect and dignity to coworkers and those who are served with the goal of making this world a better place in which everyone can live.”

In less than three years of existence, the volunteers have donated their labor to four different families in McHenry County

    (1) installed a wheelchair ramp
    (2) installed new bathroom fixtures,
    (3) replaced kitchen faucets
    (4) helped renovate and remodel a home for a young family in need.

His Working Volunteers also went to Joplin, Missouri twice. The first trip occurred in October, 2011 shortly after a catastrophic F5 tornado struck the community in May of that year. The second trip occurred in April, 2012 and continued for an entire week. The volunteers also went to Moore, Oklahoma for a week in June, 2013. This community also suffered the results that occur from an F5 twister. Later in November, 2013 the volunteers went on their first of six trips to Marseilles, Illinois. Marseilles had been ravaged by a flood in early May which destroyed or damaged more than 100 homes.

The volunteers include men and women who have construction and/or trade knowledge and skills. Other volunteers also have assisted who come from a variety of backgrounds and faith backgrounds but who are simply committed to assisting with projects benefiting families and communities in need. There are myriad of tasks for everyone who wishes to participate

It is His Working Volunteers policy that all Board Members, Officers and volunteers pay their own expenses for transportation, lodging and food to and from each project. However, donations have been received and are specified to be used for the expenses of the volunteers. However, these monies are always kept in a separate fund from other monies donated specifically for the projects.

Donations can be made to His Working Volunteers at 1324 Snowberry Lane, Crystal Lake, Illinois 60039. Those making donations are asked to specify if the monies be remitted are to be utilized to help offset the travel, food and lodging expenses of the volunteers. All donated monies will be utilized to defray the cost of the projects unless otherwise so designated.

Anyone inspired to assist through volunteering, wishing to make donations of funds or who are seeking additional information are asked to contact Bernie Boyle at 815-788-1050

Fairdale, IL – 2015 Pictures

Some pictures of the devastation the April 9th tornado caused in Fairdale, IL and HWVS in action along with other volunteers.

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Fairdale, IL Trip

We have made contact with the Fairdale tornado people and they have a meeting site in Rochelle, Ill. Please be there between 9:00AM and 9:30AM, each day to be assigned to a work site. THEY ASK ‘PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP AT DIFFERENT TIMES’. We have a group scheduled for Thur. Fri. and/ or Sat. …

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