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Fairdale, IL – 2015


When we drove up to Fairdale it was like we were back at Joplin, Moore or Gifford. The same devastation, slabs where houses once existed, appliances, cars, trees, household items just laying around. Hundreds of people carrying tree branches, broken boards, bricks, insulation, siding, glass and broken household items.

Also many cars and trucks just laying on the side of the streets with broken windows, crushed bodies, roofs caved in and wheels flat. We were across the street from the home where an elderly women was killed.

We are going back tomorrow to again clean up other lots. It is hard work but when you talk to the other volunteers they all say about the same thing, ya it’s work buy I feel great helping these people who have lost everything.

Say a prayer for all of the volunteers and also the families that lost their homes.